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I'm Maria
I usually always follow back :)
I'm 18, and I'm a freshman at Eastern Kentucky University.
I love otters, Demi Lovato, and Beyonce.
I'm obsessed with reading. Lets me escape my shitty life and look Into someone else's for a while.

the number of times i think “i don’t care” while people are talking to me is really getting out of hand


does anyone want to be my virtual sugardaddy and buy me things online for literally nothing in return???


i completely forgot that you actually have to pay for internet


damn, intelligence is such a turn on. like wow, people who know a lot about so many different places and so many different things. and they’ve always got something to tell you or show you about something new that they’re interested in, and like, somehow they can blow your mind over and over. damn. such a turn on.


There are 5 types of fear

1. Terror
2. Panic
3. 14 missed calls from mom
4. Username or password is incorrect
5. “We need to talk”

If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her

— Unknown (via stevenbong)